Last week, we had an incredible encounter with 2 priority species: wildcat felis pardalis and brown deer (Guazubira) at Casa Bonita, one of the farms belonging to our bosques del Uruguay III (#BDUIII) fund.

The wildcat felis pardalis seeks refuge in native forests and is considered a threatened species, as it is persecuted by fur that is then traded illegally.

The brown deer is known to be found in areas with native forests mainly at night and is a species that has conservation vulnerabilities.

Casa Bonita represents 2% of the total area of the fund and in total, BDU III has 6% of the conservation areas. AF conducts biodiversity monitoring in defined conservation areas that promotes native forest regeneration and provides habitat for wildlife. Wildlife studies are conducted by a group of biologists once a year, but our camera traps help record and track behaviors throughout the year that are analyzed by specialists.

Through this work, AF protects the species that depend on these ecosystems by ensuring long-term conservation by validating the funds’ commitment to promoting high conservation values. #FSC #ESG #BiodiversityConservation